Thursday, April 2, 2009



"As of 2008, Gerrold is nearing completion on book five, A Method For Madness, announced date of delivery to publisher(Tor) in October; with estimated [2]release date of July 1, 2011(ISBN 0765340380)."

Clicked on the link and lo and behold!

I signed up to get notice when the book is available!

PS - remember we might get nice updated versions of the first 4 books around the same time.

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David said...

Nice find at Wikipedia. But I'm skeptical. I've been waiting for years for this book. Last year, sometime around this time, was updated, saying the book would be sent to the publisher in October of 08. also had plans for that website to be active again last summer. Then nothing.

If he really is finally done, why would it not be until 2011? If he really isn't done, then the date means nothing.

I am hopeful, and maybe assigning the ISBN means it is coming and the date doesn't mean anything. But I'm not going to expect anything either.

Oh, I did sign up for the email notification though!