Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is there another level behind the invasion ?

The question has been brought up repeatedly in the series: "Who or what is behind all this?" Is this simply an infection of the Earth by an otherworldly source, or was it intentionally done by some intelligence / "invasion force" yet to be seen?

When the very same topic was touched on by C.J. Carella, the writer of the GURPS Chtorran handbook, not only he but also David Gerrold himself (in his foreword) testify that while compiling it he had full access to the existing (circa 1993) written pages of A Method For Madness. Other than reading the source material ourselves, we can only extrapolate what information Carella was given.

So, while re-reading in an effort to come across clues I may not have noticed before, I see a picture on page 81 in the margin of what looks like some gargantuan, wampa-like creature that dwarfs the worms in size and is also being looked up to / worshipped(?) by them. It is on the same page as the description of Chtorran Nests, in which Carella writes: "Who knows what stage may follow the 'cities,' or what monsters will appear next?"

At first I believed it was a view of a gorp from afar... but the scale of the worms in the foreground puts its size in perspective. Could that silhouette be what we haven't seen yet? Is Carella implying that some enormous beings are the actual Chtorrans, this sketch of which is approximately how they appear?

Carella also writes a more telling passage on page 114:

...With the Earth's population drastically reduced and contained by the
Chtorran ecology, this might be the time for the intelligence behind the
invasion to show up. Some scientists believe that the worms are "feral
children," immature versions of the real Chtorrans. Imagine if their
parents come as an army of even larger worms, equipped with ultra-
tech equipment. Their numbers would not be great (if it had been possible
for large numbers of mature Chtorrans to be brought to Earth, it would
have happened already), but their arrival could tip the balance once again
in the aliens' favor.

Or perhaps the "true" Chtorrans are nothing like the worms; they might
be more evolved versions of the bunnymen, or an altogether different
race. They could be a race of instinctive cowards (in a world heavily
populated by the Chtorran worms, it might be one viable way for a
species to develop intelligence), which would explain their roundabout
tactics in displacing humans from the planet. Or they might be already
extinct, the invasion a pre-planned attempt to begin anew somewhere
else, an ultra-tech Noah's ark aimed at Earth. This possibility is the most
comforting (it would mean that once the enemy is beaten, there will be
no reinforcements).

With this in mind, I am starting to believe that we haven't seen it all yet. Before, I was sure there was nothing else. Now... I'm not so sure.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay friends, before I get started there is the obligatory DISCLAIMER:

I do not claim to personally know, nor imply any association with, the author known as David Gerrold who has written A Matter For Men, A Day For Damnation, A Rage For Revenge, A Season for Slaughter, and A Method For Madness - known collectively as The War Against The Chtorr science fiction book series. Mr. Gerrold is not (as far as I know) aware of this blog's existence nor has he been consulted as to the content of which I may write... yet. Any and all blog content which I write is purely speculation on my part as a true admirer and fan of this series, done in the spirit of wanting to share said interest with other admirers and fans whom may read this blog.

Please leave insightful comments and topics of discussion here, by all means! I would like to generate some renewed interest in The War Against The Chtorr as we have all been told book 5, A Method For Madness, awaits impending publication... we hope! As a fan, I have patiently awaited said book for 15 years as well, and recently re-read them to renew my grasp of the lore.

Lastly, haters begone: I will say bad stuff to you and erase nasty comments. This is my show here, publish your own blog if you feel you must purposely try to piss me / others off.